Meet your neighbor: Elizabeth Matos SC ’23

A student smiling.
Elizabeth Matos SC ’23 reflects on her own experiences with the 5C party culture. (Corina Silverstein • The Student Life)

“Okay, so since I have health issues, I can’t drink. And in freshman year, I went to every party sober … which is fine a lot of times. It was me and then all my drunk friends. When you’re a freshman, sometimes, you’re just learning your limits, and so one time we went to this party [during] Halloween weekend freshman year. It was so stressful. I just remember I was so stressed out because my friends drank a little bit too much … Then, we ended up back in my room [and] I tried to get everyone water and everyone was just on my floor eating my snacks. Yeah, I think at the [same] Halloween party, too, I fell, and it was really scary because I kept getting pushed around and people fell on top of me. It was at Pitzer [on the mounds] and I feel like that’s a bad place to have a party with a bunch of drunk people because people start pushing one another around and falling down and on top of [one another]. Luckily though, some random person pulled me up.

But you really can’t go wrong with the Latinx parties. I feel like the energy is the best at those parties. The formula for a good party, in my opinion, [is when] there’s good music, and people are dancing, or there’s room to dance, but not too much room, because then it’s awkward. At all of the Latinx parties, I’ve always had a lot of fun. I think the last Latinx party at The Grove House was a little bit tightly packed, and there wasn’t a lot of room to dance [so it felt] claustrophobic, but the one at Edmunds was really fun. [The Latinx parties] were more fun for me this year because I found a group of Latinx people to go with…freshman year it was just my white friend and me. Which is fine, but it is just different, you know?”

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