Think Before You Vote

It feels like the election has gone on forever. Media coverage from the primaries until now has captured the attention of the world, for better and for worse. In the last ten months, we have seen nearly a dozen GOP candidates fade into obscurity in the shadow of the monolithic Donald Trump. We saw Bernie Sanders rise from senatorial obscurity and rally millions of voters to challenge Hillary Clinton. This election has been a procession of personalities and gaffes, and week after week of unprecedented madness and unorthodoxy. Now, it all comes to a head. 

While the presidential election dominates most people's minds, it is important to remember how crucial state and county elections are, too. Key policy changes start at the local level, and it is crucial to stay informed on upcoming propositions. Research every ballot measure thoroughly, knowing the pros and cons to the legislation proposed. State and local officials, while less sexy to follow than high-profile presidential candidates, are vital parts of our republican government. With nearly 90 percent of Congress up for reelection, voters have the potential to cause massive overhauls in the legislative branch of government. 

In what might be one of the most divisive elections in U.S. history, we urge you to carefully consider your actions in the next few days–no matter who you are voting for. With high tensions and several incidents of violence in the last few months, please remember to reflect upon the effects of your choices leading up to and following Tuesday. Additionally, if you are voting in this election, try to keep in mind the many people who are unable to vote but will nonetheless be impacted by the policies you may vote on. If you are capable of voting but are choosing not to, please consider doing so; every vote counts in this election and has the ability to set in motion great political change. 


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