Pitzer College Revives its Yearbook



Students make a yearbook
Pitzer students work on the 1969 yearbook, which is being revived this year after being discontinued in 2008. (Courtesy photo • Pitzer College Photo Archive, Honnold/Mudd Library)

Student Body President Josue Pasillas PZ ’17 announced in an email to the Pitzer College community on Oct. 28 that the Student Senate executive board will be creating a new school yearbook.

Pitzer has not had a yearbook since 2008. However, after having a conversation with the other 5C student body presidents and hearing that Claremont McKenna College was renewing their yearbook, Vice President Hajar Hammado PZ ‘18 decided to bring the Pitzer yearbook back as well, to archive the year and document what Pitzer has done for the community.

Hammado said that it would be a good way of recording memories, as students will be able to take the yearbook with them as they move on from college.

The executive board has been accepting applications for students interested in being a part of the yearbook staff, and recently appointed the two editors-in-chief: Sam Malech PZ ’18, who will be focusing on the writing aspect of the yearbook, and Madeleine Halle PZ ’19, who will be in charge of photography.

The students were selected because they are highly experienced. Hammado believes that having a sophomore and junior co-editors will also ensure the continued success of the yearbook.

“We thought that it’d be important to have students that have been around for awhile, and since it’s been the first year we’ve been doing it after a while of not having one, it made sense to have either juniors or seniors take part of it, but we also want the book to be a surprise for our seniors on campus,” Hammado said.

“Via appointing [a sophomore and a junior] this year, we’re hoping that the underclassmen that applied will also take part of the book and in the future to carry the tradition,” she added.

Hammado will be act as an advisor for the co-editors, working with them to figure out the theme and logistics of the yearbook. She aims to put together a complete staff soon.

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