Letter: Workers for Justice Welcomes Open Discussion

Karen Sisson, Pomona College Administration and College Community,

First, we would like to express our thanks to Vice President and Treasurer Karen Sisson and the administration of Pomona College for giving us the opportunity to speak freely and explain before the entire community the reasons why we want a Union.

This open conversation undertaken in good faith demonstrated that a productive dialogue is possible between Dining Hall workers and Pomona College. We are ready and willing to meet with the Pomona College administration at their convenience to discuss how we can reach a labor peace agreement favorable to all parties.

We also want to thank the students for the support they have given us and hope that all those who support us do so with the conduct and respect that the College deserves and that we have for the College administration.

Workers For Justice/ Trabajadores Por JusticiaThe Independent Labor Organization of Pomona College Dining Hall Workers

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