Letter: The Queer Resource Center Responds to Walker Wall

In response to the efforts and inquiries concerning the re-painting of Walker Wall:

The Queer Resource Center does not discourage the repainting of Walker Wall. The event has passed, but the sentiments, even once they are painted over, are still present on the campuses. However, we were grateful to see the immediate organizing from individuals who wanted to respond to this event. We would like to see a continued response in the form of involvement in the queer community and the issues we all face. We invite you to participate in events during Gaypril and beyond, to attend ally trainings, and to ask for ally trainings on your campus. Attached is the flier for our Gaypril events: please note April 22nd is the Faculty and Staff Ally Training, and April 23rd is the Student Ally Training at the QRC. We hope to see you all there.

In solidarity,The QRC Staff

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