Dining Hall Suggestions

This week, Ed Board is taking a little time to make a few small dining suggestions that would make life on campus that much more palatable.

We should switch up the menu at Frary more often. We Eds like fried chicken and ribs as much as the next person, but we don’t like fried chicken and ribs when it comes on the same day every week. The repetition and monotony make the menu pretty unappealing. Frank serves food from the same provider and same meal plan as Frary, but its ability to surprise (in addition to its atmosphere) is what makes it better than Frary.

Yes, the meal days have changed this semester: Monday is now burrito night—the appropriate cherry on top of the worst day of the week. But the problem remains the same: lack of surprise and adventure. Let’s have grilled kabobs some random night, or chili, or chicken curry, or breakfast for dinner. It doesn’t really matter; just let it be different from the week before. We’re too young to eat like this.

And let’s change out the fruit in Frary more often. Bananas, apples, and oranges are all good in theory, but day in and day out, they’re not only boring but pretty unappetizing. We can’t even look a Banana straight in the eye anymore. We kind of feel sick at the thought of another banana. We’re not asking for more fruit (we are, actually, but out of respect for reality…), we’re just asking for a variety.

Order some peaches some time, while they’re on sale! We can cut off the bruises; it’s alright, we know they don’t travel as well as rock solid apples, oranges, and bananas. But we’re willing to do that. Peaches, tangerines, plums, pears, clementines (thank you so much for providing these – we’d love more!) nectarines, kiwis, whatever. We’re not that picky, and we really do love surprises.

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