5-C Colleges Ranked on Environmental Sustainability

Pomona College recently became one of only 26 colleges and universities across the United States and Canada (out of more than 300) to receive an average grade of A- on the Sustainable Endowments Institute’s 2010 College Sustainability Report Card.Pomona received a C+ in 2007 and a B in both 2008 and 2009 on the same College Sustainability Report Card.This year’s higher grade is indicative of recent efforts to make the college more sustainable. Pomonareceivedan A in every sub-category this year, except for “Climate Change & Energy” (B) and “Endowment Transparency” (C).The report lauded Pomona’s green-building standards, student involvement through the Environmental Quality Committee of ASPC, the administration’s President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability and President’s Sustainability Fund, and the high percentage of Pomona’s food that comes from local sources.Of the other 5Cs,Harvey Mudd College,Claremont McKenna College, andScripps Collegewere also included on the Report Card. Harvey Mudd received a B-, with As in “Endowment Transparency” and “Investment Priorities” but a mixed bag of Cs and Bs in the other categories.CMC, with an overall grade of B-, received an A in “Investment Priorities” and “Food & Recycling,” but an F in “Endowment Transparency.”Scripps, with some good grades but four Ds and an F in other categories, received an overall grade of C-.Pitzer is not included on the Sustainability Endowments Institute’s College Sustainability Report Card.Pomona was also mentioned in a recent article in Forbes, “America’s Greenest Colleges,” as a sustainability leader.

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