Motley to Charge for To-Go Cups

The Motley Coffeehouse will charge an extra $1for to-go cupsstartingOctober 21.

The biodegradable to-go cups currently in use can be recycled at Pomona’s organic farm, but only 5 percent currently end up being disposed of in this fashion, according to the Motley. The café said significant energy and resources go into producing the cups and bringing them to campus.

Alana Macwhorter SC ’10, the Motley’s Sustainability Manger, said the move would promote “environmental stewardship” and decrease the amount of waste generated from the café’s cups.“Last year, we had 5,000 pounds of unnecessary waste from to-go cups during the school year,” she said. “We had to do something if we wanted to maintain our reputation as an environmentally and socially conscious institution.”

Now, students can either make a little bit more time in their day to drink coffee in a ceramic mug at the Motley, buy one of the Motley’s containers, or cough up the money for a disposable cup.

The Motley is a non-profit organization, and all extra proceeds resulting from the new charge will go to a Scripps coffeehouse program that funds programming.

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