Security Briefs

Hipster ScumStrikes Again!10.4.09, 0:40, POMA white female adult, wearing a blue hoodie, reportedly steals a pack of cigarettes from the Coop Store. Estimated value: $6.66.That hipsterprobably just wanted a computer so she could listen to Animal Collective while smoking10.3.09, 18:57, PTZA student is in station to file a report for an Apple MacBook Pro that was stolen from an unsecured dorm room.Peace, Love, And Remembering to Lock your Door10.3.09, 18:57, PTZA MacBook Pro with a green peace sign sticker is taken from an unsecured dorm room.Another day, another dollar stolen from a locked box at cgu10.2.09, 11:50, CGUPetty cash is reported stolen from a secured box located in an unsecured desk drawer.Not In Our House! Yeuh!…No, Seriously,Stealing bikes is lame10.2.09, 14:00, POMA CMC student is in station to file a report for a stolen, secured bike outside of Mason Hall.fences ? bike rack10.3.09, 13:54, CGUA secured bike is reported stolen from the south side fence of the CGU apartments.Joint science fail9.30.09, 9:18, CMCA student is in station to report a stolen, unsecured Green Diamondback bike stolen from east side of the Keck Joint Science building. It had black handlebars and a black seat.Mystery Machine9.30.09, 20:02, CMCA car parked in the lot at 6th and Mills had its back window broken. It was a black Volvo 850r station wagon. Both the culprit and the victim are unkown.

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