Security Briefs

But Locking my door would be soooo proletariat!

9.19.09 05:10 PZ

A student reports that her friend’s silver MacBook Pro laptop has been stolen from an unsecured room.

I suppose silver macbooks are the new unsecured bicycles…

9.25.09 13:14 CMC

A silver MacBook Pro is reported stolen from an unsecured room.

…Well, I mean, Bikes still get stolen, too

9.25.09 19:39 PO

An unsecured blue and white Nishiki Mountain bike is reported stolen from the farm.

These robbers do know there are unsecured unicycles all over HMC, RIGHt?!

9.25.09 19:39 PO

A secured Green and White Realeigh Mountain bike is stolen from Walker bike rack. A cut bike lock was found on the scene.

… no really. Like Tens of Free Unicycles!

9.28.09 14:29

A black/silver secured Trek mountain bike is reported stolen from a McConnel bike rack.

Yo Female, I’mma let you finish, but this is the best footage of all time!

9.26.09 16:57

A black-male adult, wearing a yellow polo shirt and gold-rimmed glasses, is reportedly videotaping a female without permission. Officers report to the scene but are unable to locate anyone with a matching description.

Nerd Smash!!!

9.27.09 1:22 HMC

A student requests an officer to respond to a subject breaking a glass window in East Dorm. Officers are unable to locate anyone.

Please note: It is a bad idea to leave a bike unsecured

2.8.08 18:04

A staff member reports two off-campus skateboarders near the athletic center. When they are found to lack identification, the police department is called. One is arrested on an outstanding warrant.

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