Security Briefs

Clean Sweep9.8.09, 14:15, CGUAn officer responds to CGU apartments to file a report for missing property. A student reports that two seven-foot brown polyester couches were stolen from a nearby lounge while a white van marked “Citrus Cleaning” was in the area.These are not the couches you’re looking for9.8.09, 17:42, CGUThe student calls Campus Security to cancel the theft report. She checked out the lounge and nothing was missing. The reporting student says she did not know how many couches were originally in the lounge.Door Jam9.11.09, 12:00, SCRA white Apple laptop is reported stolen from a lounge. The student reports that the door to the lounge was unsecured and ajar.They were ents9.11.09, 13:09, POMOfficers respond to Pomona Grounds to file a report for two missing cercus red bud trees housed in 24-inch wooden frames.Last cup9.10.09, 10:57, CMCA student in the Campus Security office files a report for missing property. He reports that an unsecured, homemade beer pong table with “Claremont McKenna” written on it has been taken. He is informed that the beer pong table is against campus regulations and was confiscated by campus security. It is not returned.ha! “Illegal dumping”—that means poop!9.10.09, 14:00, CUCAn employee reports a “truckload” of debris has been dumped on the south parking lot of the CFS. The pile includes broken glass, wood, and old fire extinguishers. A 374.3(a)—illegal dumping—is reported.Rotten eggs9.14.09, 7:55, HMCThree off-campus adult males refuse to pay for their breakfast at Hoch-Shanahan dining hall. A Campus Security officer is called to the scene, but is unable to locate the individuals. Three adults matching the suspects’ descriptions are seen on 9th and Columbia. An officer follows them as they jump over Walker Wall. One individual if found hiding under a Walker Hall staircase. The officers are unable to locate the remaining two.Another productive meeting at camp-sec9.11.09, 13:09, POMA person accused of being caught on camera stealing a laptop computer comes to the station and denies all allegations.

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