Security Briefs

These fruit trees are just so amazing 4.14.09 01:00 A student reports hearing screams coming from a wilderness area. Officers respond but find no one.

I just hate their taste in music 4.15.09 00:36 A student files a noise complaint against a party in a dorm lounge.

I only like the mellow sounds of ocean waves 4.15.09 00:55 A different student files a noise complaint against the same party after the gathering turned the music on again.

I’m almost graduating… AHHHHHHHHH! 4.15.09 03:49 A student reports screaming coming from a dorm area. Officers respond but find no one.

Now I’m really in tears 4.15.09 16:23 A student reports her bike, which was locked with a U-Lock, stolen from outside a dining facility.

Can’t two GUYS just check some bikEage without cop-calling? 4.16.09 02:57 A student reports two males near a dorm potentially stealing bikes. Officers respond and the suspects are gone. All bikes appear to still be in place.

With no details I’m forced to assume this was meth 4.16.09 23:20 An RA reports confiscating contraband.

The big trick that’s been beating Camp Sec 4.17.09 22:00 A student reports the strike plate on a computer lab door blocked with a piece of plastic. The plastic is removed so the door may close completely. “WASH YOUR HANDS” 4.18.09 19:30 A student reports graffiti on a counter top in a bathroom. You Know, like, trading baseball Cards. No Biggie. 4.21.09 20:52 A student from another campus and her male companion are discovered in a parking lot in the back seat of their SUV engaging in various activities.

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