Harvey Mudd Surpasses $150 Million Fundraising Goal


Harvey Mudd College recently completed its first major fundraising campaign, the largest in its history. (Austin Huang • The Student Life)

Harvey Mudd College announced last month that it had surpassed its fundraising goal of $150 million for its most recent fundraising campaign, which was launched in 2014 and is scheduled to conclude in December.

The campaign is the largest fundraising effort in the school’s 61-year history and the first major effort in 20 years.

Donations came from many sources, including alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, trustees, foundations, and corporations, according to Vice President for Advancement Dan Macaluso. The contributions of current and past trustees was highest, followed by the alumni contributions.

“We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming response from the HMC community to the priorities that we established, as a community, at the onset of this campaign,” Macaluso wrote in an email to TSL. “The generosity and thoughtfulness of so many individuals and organizations has helped us realize many goals that grew out of the college’s strategic vision.”

According to Macaluso, the strategic vision is to improve various aspects of the school for students, including innovation, experiential and interdisciplinary learning, diversity, and community service.

Campaign contributions are slated to go to specific initiatives within the strategic vision, such as summer research opportunities, scholarships, new faculty positions, and student health and wellness programming.

William Teav HM ’19 said he was glad to see the school campaigned for more funds and hopes to see them used for specific purposes.

“Permanent funding for summer research is something I hope gets accomplished,” he said. “I would also like to see increased support for student services. Last year demonstrated the glaring deficiencies of many student support networks. It is important that we improve these systems in order to ensure all members of our community make it through the rigorous Mudd program.”

In addition to funding programs and services, the new donations so far have helped support multiple new buildings and renovation projects, including the Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning, Drinkward Residence Hall, the renovated Engineering Clinic space, and Galileo Auditoria.

While the school is beginning to transition its focus to using the funds, it will still work to gather more contributions before the campaign ends, Macaluso said.

“For Harvey Mudd to continue to remain strong and distinctive, we must continue to build on the success of this campaign,” Macaluso said.

The school hopes additional gifts will enable it to fund a new academic building for computer science, a collaborative makerspace, and a permanent center for entrepreneurship.

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