No Injuries, Property Damage Reported In Grove House Fire

Jess Bird SC ’19 and Eli Caplin PZ ’18 in the Grove House. Caplin stands on the left and wears a black apron and green cap, while Bird is on the right and wears a black apron and red beret.
Grove House staff Jess Bird SC ’19 and Eli Caplin PZ ’18 stand at the site of the fire that occured on Feb. 10. (Luke Meares • The Student Life)

Pitzer College’s Grove House experienced a small grease fire around 3:30 p.m. Monday. The fire did not cause any damage to the building or equipment, no injuries were reported, and the Grove House has reopened, but cooking had to be delayed until the chemical residue from a fire extinguisher was cleaned up.

Zenia Gutierrez, general manager of the Grove House’s student-operated kitchen, was working when the incident occured. She said this was the first fire the Grove House has had during her time working there.

Gutierrez said she thought “the students were able to handle themselves calm and collectively.”

Grove House service may be slower as the kitchen gets back on track after the incident, but the building and kitchen have re-opened, she said.

“It did set us back a few days. We are all student-operated, which makes it harder, but everybody stepped up and came in an extra day to help out,” she said. “I’m grateful for the staff. The students are amazing.”

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