Fox TV Show “Lucifer” Films At Pomona

A filming crew from Warner Bros. Studios working on the Fox television show “Lucifer” shot at Pomona College’s Bridges Auditorium and Oldenborg Hall this week.

The crew set up on the east side of Marston Quad Monday afternoon and blocked off some parts of Pomona’s south campus with signs that read: “By entering and by your presence in this area, you consent to be photographed.”

As part of the shoot, about 10 police cars with flashing lights and wailing sirens filled Fourth Street between Bridges and Oldenborg Tuesday morning, along with a coroner’s van.

Pomona administrators notified students ahead of time that the events were staged for the filming; students said the scene appeared highly realistic.

The filming crew brought in fake vines, hung a large poster for a fictional performance on Bridges, placed other set decorations outside Oldenborg, and parked several truckloads of other equipment nearby. A makeup trailer was also parked in the Oldenborg lot.

Some students are excited to see a familiar location on a show they watch.

“I love Lucifer,” Iishe Davis SC ’21 said. “I’m honestly excited for whatever they’re filming. I’ve been trying to guess … what the episode could be,”

Filming moved inside Bridges Wednesday, with dozens of extras dressed in formal wear and several in ballet outfits joining the shoot.

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