Scripps’ Motley Coffeehouse Reopens With Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’


A room filled with lights, balloons and stars
Students flood the Motley’s opening night Feb. 1, where both new drinks and new decor were unveiled. (Luke Meares • The Student Life)

Chocolate star-shaped cookies, colorful candies, colorful balloons, and an oil painting similar to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” all constituted Scripps College Motley Coffeehouse’ post-impressionist theme for their opening celebration on Feb. 1.

More than 20 people lined up to get their “Starry Night” drink — a hot chocolate with blue cream — as they waited for the Motley to reopen at 7 p.m.

The Spring 2018 semester brings about several changes for the Motley. Most notable is the rearrangement of the living room. According to Motley Barista Antara Anand SC ’19, Motley employees created a clear pathway to the stage by moving furniture to the edges of the room, ensuring wheelchair accessibility. Additionally, the Motley expanded their gluten-free menu to cater to those with dietary restrictions.

Despite the new changes, the Motley will continue to be a platform for musical artists and speakers. For instance, employees hosted an open mic night with the theme “Black Fantasies and Futurisms in honor of Black History” Feb. 8. There will also be a “Student Bake-Off” Feb. 9, allowing students to ‘audition’ their baked goods as potential staples to the Motley’s menu.

“More events will continue to be added throughout the semester, and we will hopefully have a couple of music events in there at some point as well,” Motley Head Manager Megan O’Brien SC ’19 said. “We have a lot of student-organized events coming up! Check out our Facebook page for what is coming up in the next couple weeks.”

Reflecting on her experience working at the Motley, Barista Zaidee Laughlin SC ’20 said, “It is a great opportunity here to meet so many people because all the workers here are all super nice people. Once you are part of the team, it is likely you have 15 new friends.”

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