Senate Briefs: Week of Oct. 1, 2017

Scripps Associated Students

Scripps Associated Students met last Sunday to discuss and vote on several items. The meeting opened with brief updates from 16 members. These included information about events such as the first senior class event, reflection on the Moonbounce party, an alumnae karaoke event, Halloween trick-or-treating, sex week, and Eurobash.

Members mentioned meetings they had attended, including ones with JED Case Management, the Funding Advisory Committee, the ASHMC president, leadership council, and the Board of Trustees. They had also initiated meetings to discuss topics regarding a vending machine, composting, and shower timers on campus.

Other updates included information about senate applications and a reflection on drafting an email of solidarity with event heads.

The SAS treasurers announced that several clubs failed to show up for a budget hearing and are therefore not official clubs.

SAS approved a $200 budget request for the Office of Public Events’ transportation to its Art Garfunkel event in Los Angeles by a 10-3 margin. SAS tabled the Hindu Society’s request for $600 to host a Diwali celebration.

Emily Lavine of the College Community Action Network, a 5C club with 75 members who support local organizations by providing them with resources, presented a budget proposal. She requested $2,800 from all 5Cs and $700 from Scripps. SAS voted 13-0 to allocate $500 to CCAN.

SAS discussed a “wellness” vending machine, which would hold items such as condoms and Plan B and would be located in a laundry room, residence hall, or the student union. SAS wishes to gain support from RAs and the student body before moving forward.

–Leah Kelly PZ '21

Associated Students of Pomona College

The meeting opened with an announcement from the Pomona Events Committee about three events this weekend, as well as a know-your-rights resource fair and training for a student-trustee retreat.

It was also announced that faculty committee chair Eleanor Brown invited ASPC to speak weekly at meetings about diversity issues and hiring processes.

ASPC members then made presentations about low attendance at sports events, community relations, and clubs and organizations.

Next, Izzy Wiesenthal PO ’21 was named a new member of the food committee.

ASPC discussed potential changes to the ASPC election code, primarily relating to communications from candidates to students. ASPC was unable to vote the proposed changes because a quorum was not present.

Finally, ASPC discussed ways to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day at Pomona and the lack of indigenous representation on campus.

–Marc Rod PO '20 and Adrián Suárez del Busto PO '18

Pitzer College Student Senate

The Pitzer College Student Senate began with a special presentation by Senator Isaiah Kramer PZ '20 on the Strategic Plan Consultant search committee. It continued with the presentation on a new HR and payroll system by Director of Human Resources Marni Bobich, in which she revealed a uniformed system for the 5Cs.

The meeting continued with executive board reports. Communications Secretary Anna Frietas PZ '20 discussed open positions on Senate, and Secretary Kamyab Mashian PZ ’19 commented on structural reforms meetings. Treasurer Jacquelyn Aguilera PZ '19 reported on the expenses of the Student Senate Executive Board, reporting that 2,075 dollars had been spent out of their $5,000 budget. At this point, President Hajar Hammado PZ '18 left the meeting and the rest of the meeting was led by Frietas.

Bill 54-B-02 a bill to appropriate $5,000 for the purpose of extending the implementation of Switchboard at Pitzer College, was approved unanimously. Bill 54-B-03, a bill to appropriate $5,000 for the Mindful of the Future speaker series was tabled for the Oct. 8 meeting. 

 –Elinor Aspegren PZ'20

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