Security Briefs

Acts of terrorism will not be tolerated 4.7.09 19:22 Campus safety officers report swear words spray painted on two trees.

Looks better the way it is now 4.9.09 15:56 An employee reports an art project vandalized; one piece has been broken off and stolen.

Someone is getting rich during the bad economy 4.10.09 13:36 An employee reports four computers stolen from an unlocked office along with an infrared camera and a uninterruptible power supply.

Communal space at college, man 4.10.09 16:30 A student reports that an unknown man walked into her dorm room, asked if this was a college, then left.

Pomona gives back to the community…then takes away 4.10.09 17:10 An employee reports that a transient has been sleeping in an academic building and requests additional patrols in the area.

Covering my face with my jacket…no, this is my mysterious cape 4.10.09 22:10 A student reports that she is being followed by an older man covering his face with a jacket. Officers check but find no one. The student makes it back to her room safely.

But shooting things is so fun 4.10.09 22:57 An employee reports a window broken on an academic building, perhaps by a beebee-gun.

Getting in by taking off the handle? 4.12.09 15:31 An employee reports a burglarized computer lab. Pry marks are on the door, and the handle has been removed. At least two computer towers are missing.

Tampering with the doors is the new craze 4.13.09 08:20 An employee reports several academic building doors tampered with but nothing missing.

When we guard the building they hit the clubs 4.13.09 21:24 A student reports $6,600 in cash and checks stolen from the locked office of a student group. Because of the large quantity of money taken the case will be handled by CPD.

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