ASPC Senate Briefs

This reporter writes to you with a heavy heart, dear
readers, as he pens the final Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate brief of the semester, and considers how next week he will not be chronicling hard-hitting parking lot investigations, spirited budget debates, or water fountain installation updates.

Chris Bergeron PO ’14, a head manager at the Coop Store, started off the Dec. 3 ASPC meeting by presenting the store’s finances. The store brought in a profit of $118,000 in the 2012-2013 fiscal year—so
pat yourselves on the backs, Pomona friends, because those $60 hoodies are
making our college a better place.

The Senate then passed a resolution, read by Commissioner of
Environmental Affairs Emma Fullem PO ’14, in support of the recommendation made by the President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability that the college achieve carbon neutrality by 2022. The proposition, which includes modifications for buildings and
vehicles as well as carbon offsets, awaits Pomona President David Oxtoby’s approval.

Clothing was next on the agenda. South Campus
Representative Nico Kass PO ’16 said that Oxtoby was considering giving free quarter-zip Pomona sweaters to students and alumni, much like Harvey Mudd
College did recently. Vice President for Finance Eric Martinez PO ’14 brought
up the idea of using ASPC funds to lower prices for Pomona gear, noting that six public universities he examined have lower prices. North Campus Representative
Frances Kyl PO ’14 replied that “those schools are not peer institutions,” so maybe the comparison does not hold. 

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