Security Briefs

How do you make fun of this…seriously 3.26.09 00:36 A student reports that his computer and his roommate’s computer and cell phone have been stolen from their dorm room. The lock on the bathroom window is broken.

Now this is my type of vandalism 3.30.09 06:50 An employee reports a wood table with a granite top shattered in an academic building. Access was gained to the room through an open window.

Is this irony? 3.31.09 10:02 An employee reports an instrument recently reported stolen found at a pawn shop. CPD says they will investigate but says the school will need to buy the instrument back.

How will anyone know where to go 4.1.09 13:37 A dean reports several signs stolen from a student center and a spray-painted sign in the same student center.

Of course it was all the off-campus subjects 4.3.09 13:17 A student reports a fight at an athletic center between students and off-campus subjects. The off-campus subjects are gone when officers arrive.

Where are you? 4.5.09 04:44 A student reports that she has just been robbed. Officers respond but can not find the student where she says she is.

Oh yeaH, I remember reporting that robbing now 4.6.09 09:31 Officers return to the room of the student reporting a robbing to check in. There they find the student and CPD is called and takes a report.

You had nothing worth stealing 4.6.09 16:28 A student reports his room broken into through a window that has had its handle broken; nothing is missing.

The real terrorists 4.7.09 01:10 Officers report a spray paint stencil of a panda bear holding a gun by an academic building.

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