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Scripps Associated Students (SAS) Student Activities Chair Francesca Simmons SC ’14 started the Nov. 10 Programming Board meeting by reporting the success of the previous night’s Eurotrash event and thanking 5C Events Chair Haley Gotfredsen SC ’16 for planning a wholesome night of pleather, sweat, and glitter. SAS President Marta Bean SC ’14 relayed an invitation to students from the Scripps College Board of Trustees to attend a trustee-student dinner Dec. 5. Although the event is open to the whole student body, spots are limited, and a raffle will determine the attendees.



Bean opened the Executive Board meeting with information from her meeting with Scripps President Lori Bettison-Varga. Due to confusion about Scripps’s budget, SAS is planning to work with the administration to hold a panel or Be Heard forum next semester to inform students about how the budget is managed and its implications for projects such as the construction of a new residence hall. Important questions such as ‘Why does Scripps take 57k of my cold, hard cash?’; ‘Why is a new residence hall being built when I can barely get potable water in my building?’; and ‘Is accepting more students than we can house in order to fund housing for them feasible?’may or may not be answered at this panel.

Madeline Ripley SC ’14 addressed concerns stemming from an anonymous post made to Claremont Confession, a Facebook account through which the Claremont College community can post anonymously, about weight-shaming in the Sallie Tiernan Field House. Ripley offered resident advisers as resources. Although the initial school-year schedule does not include any panel to address this matter, “Be Heard forums should happen as issues arise, not as scheduled,” Vice President Alex Frumkin SC ’14 said.

*Akin to purchasing a new property in Monopoly by using the money from mortgaging it. This is legal in some circles, depending on the leniency of your players and how much you have bribed your banker.

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