ASHMC Election Results Announced

Elections for Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC) offices ended Oct. 8 when the Honor Board representative results were announced. Elections began Sept. 24, but because ASHMC runs elections according to a quorum system, at least 50 percent of eligible voters must vote before the results are tabulated, according to ASHMC Co-Vice President Brett Mills HM ’14.

The winner of the first-year class president race was announced Sept. 24, as quorum for the race was reached relatively quickly.

“The freshman class may be a little more active in politics than the older classes,” said Mark Mann HM ’14, who was elected senior representative on the Honor Board.

Joe Sinopoli HM ’17 was elected first-year class president. 

“Getting to Mudd, I didn’t expect to feel as comfortable as I did getting here,” Sinopoli said. “I felt after the immediate welcoming that I got, I had much to contribute back.”  

Sinopoli said his main goal for this semester is to keep first-years informed about ASHMC proceedings via e-mail updates and monthly presentations to the class; in the spring semester, he plans to focus on organizing events.

“The first semester it’s easy to feel welcome, there’s a bunch of events to get us accustomed, and I want to continue that later on,” he said. 

Sinopoli said he also wants to get more water fountains installed on campus.

“While that’s a small thing, it makes a large difference in hydration, which in turn affects studies, sleep habits, and all that,” he said. 

Amanda Llewellyn HM ’14, Dave Lingenbrink HM ’14, and Ileane O’Leary HM ’14 were elected along with Mann as senior representatives on the Honor Board. Neil Pearson HM ’14 was elected senior representative on the Appeals Board, and Jordan Varney HM ’15 was elected junior representative on the Appeals Board.

Many of the newly elected Honor Board members said that they hope not to see any cases. 

“In a perfect world, I’d be wholly useless, as nobody would break the honor code or need a hearing,” Llewellyn wrote in an e-mail to TSL. “If or when we are needed, I’d like to be fair and consistent.”

While not all the elected members see the need for any changes, Mann said he is interested in beginning a conversation about HMC’s Honor Code.  

“The Honor Board itself doesn’t necessarily get to decide what the Honor Code is,” Mann said. “The Honor Board does work with the Honor Code, though, so they happen to know the wording in the Honor Code … so it tends to be that the Honor Board is most informed, so they will sometimes initiate new amendments to the Honor Code.”

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