SAS Senate Briefs

In honor of the passing of Scripps College Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Bekki Lee, only the Executive Board of the Scripps Associated Students (SAS) met Oct. 13. SAS President Marta Bean SC ’14 was debating whether any meeting should be held at all and concluded that Lee “would truly want us to take care of each other, listen to those who are having trouble, and collectively overcome this challenge as a community.”

Vice President Alex Frumkin SC ’15 encouraged members and non-members alike to attend the Be Heard forum on sexual assault (see page 2). Student Activities Chair Francesca Simmons SC ’15 suggested delegating SAS responsibilities to first-years in an effort to integrate them into the Scripps community. Frumkin agreed, and reiterated to the board members the importance of attending events and welcoming new students because “being passionate and engaged makes all the difference.”

Bean met with Scripps President Lori Bettison-Varga about the sophomore class mixer held last week. Only half of the students who RSVP’d actually showed up at the event, so the Executive Board considered holding a workshop on being accountable and reliable. 

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