Motley Staff Learns from Theft

Scripps College’s Motley Coffeehouse reported a theft of money to Campus Safety in December.

“It definitely wasn’t chump change, but we can still hold business as usual for sure,” Head Manager Leah Munsey SC ’12 said. There was no forced entry, Munsey said.

The Claremont Police Department offered the Motley a full investigation, but the coffeehouse declined because it would have been too expensive, Munsey said.

“That would have been much more involved and costly than any of us would have had the time or energy to deal with,” she said. “Since we learned a lot of things that we could change with our financial security, we decided to go that route and not undergo a full investigation. We also don’t know enough to work off of anything specific.”

Since the theft, the Motley has been improving its financial security systems to protect against anything similar happening in the future. Munsey said that the process reflects the dedication of the Motley staff to making the coffeehouse better.

“That’s a thing about the Motley—since we’re student-run we encounter different things over the years and different obstacles,” she said. “This is just another one that we had to learn from. We’ve done really well with it. It definitely showed us where we had some holes, which was great. It was a really costly way for us to learn that, but we’ve definitely totally redone everything. It’s been a fun learning process.”

Munsey said the news of the theft was upsetting.

“We are so well-intentioned and we work our hardest at making things run well,” she said. “No matter who it was, as head manager I see it as a breach of trust within the Motley community, the Scripps community and the outside community, which has been a sad thing to have to realize. But, like I said, we’re working with it and doing what we can with it.” 

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