CDO Associate Director Moves to HMC Job

Kristina Sanchez, former Associate Director of Experiential Programs & Employer Relations at Pomona College, recently left her job at the Career Development Office (CDO) to become the Associate Director of Annual Giving at Harvey Mudd College.    

The new position primarily involves “writing many of the e-mail and letter solicitations to raise money for the school,” Sanchez said.    

“I’ve been working in career services and recruiting for nearly ten years, so now seemed like the right time to try something new if the right opportunity came up,” Sanchez said. “Several people had commented to me that they thought I would like working in Annual Giving.”    

The Pomona Office of Annual Giving recently hired new staff members as well, but the positions were filled within the last year, before Sanchez considered leaving her job.   

“Since there won’t be any openings in that office for perhaps several years, I looked at the other Claremont Colleges,” she said. “Harvey Mudd happened to have an opening and so I applied.”      

Sanchez was once employed by the University of Chicago, where she received her Masters degree, making Harvey Mudd the third college at which she has worked. She worked at Pomona for four years.      

“It is fairly common for staff to move around within the Claremont Colleges,” Sanchez said. “This was one of the reasons I came to Pomona and the Claremont Colleges, as leaving a job usually means restarting all your benefits, including your 401K. But at the Claremont Colleges everything can transfer over, except for your vacation time.”    

Terry Preuit has temporarily assumed Sanchez’s duties at the CDO while a job search is conducted.     

“We’re sad to see Kristina go,” said Mary Raymond, Associate Dean and Director of the CDO. “She was a great professional.”    

Sanchez said she will miss her work at Pomona.    

“Pomona College is an incredible community with wonderful students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents,” she said. “There are so many people I have met here that have impacted my life with their stories, willingness to help others, and generosity.”  

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