CMC Lifts Restriction on TNC

After being restricted to Claremont McKenna College students and registered guests for more than a year, CMC’s Thursday Night Club (TNC) party will soon be open to all 5C students.       

Alexandra Cooke CM ‘14, Associated Students of CMC Dorm Affairs Chair, said that she would like to see one all-inclusive TNC before the end of the year.

“We want people from the other 5Cs on our campus. It’s not like CMC is trying to be exclusive,” Cooke said. “We’re kind of working with a really strict policy, and they’re willing to ease up on it given that we can show that we can handle the crowd.”    

Cooke said that TNC has always been CMC-only, but the policy was rarely enforced until 2010. The change in enforcement was the result of a new head of campus security and new deans, who pushed for a stricter enforcement of the official rules, she said.    

The main reason for restricting guests was a lack of space, Cooke said.    

“CMC really doesn’t have a space that can hold 5C events,” she said. As a result, the 5C TNC will probably be outside, possibly in the tennis courts.    

Cooke and previous dorm affairs chairs have been discussing the possibility of allowing all Claremont students at TNC ever since the policy enforcement changed. Cooke initially requested two 5C parties a month, but was granted one. There will be two registered kegs at the party, as opposed to the typical one at a CMC-only TNC.    

Cooke said that she is also planning to make it easier for 5C students to attend CMC-only TNC’s by simplifying the guest list process. Party Inform, CMC’s weekly school-wide e-mail with a list of the weekend’s parties, will now be sent out on Monday nights instead of Wednesdays, so CMC students can register guests earlier in the week.

Kasey Taylor PO ’15 said she is looking forward to a more convenient 5C TNC.     

“It was a hassle to fill out the guest form,” she said.    

The first 5C party will likely be April 19 or April 26, Cooke said.

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