New Transportation Grant at Scripps Honors Scott

Scripps will launch a fund next spring for student internship transportation funds in honor of longtime Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees Linda Scott. Scott is retiring after working for 35 years in the Office of the President in a variety of functions.    

Finding an internship in the Los Angeles area can be less difficult than securing transportation to and from the internship, said Director of Career Planning and Resources Vicki Klopsch. The Linda Scott Internship Fund will provide transportation funds for students commuting to unpaid internships during the academic year.    

Scripps established the Linda Scott internship fund as an alternative way to honor Scott’s service to the college when she declined a retirement reception or gift, Klopsch said. Klopsch added that some trustees, alumni, faculty, staff and students want to contribute in some way to the recognition of Scott’s work and dedication to Scripps.    

“I was very surprised to find out the college was establishing a fund in my honor,” Scott said.    

It was Scott’s decision to use the money to fund transportation costs.    

“I worked on the board of several local nonprofit organizations that benefited greatly from work with Scripps students. I know that many of them would welcome the use of an intern,” Scott said. “I know there are Scripps students that would want to work at these organizations. I’ve spoken to many students over the time I’ve been here and realized that for them it’s the cost of getting there that hinders them.”    

Scott said a transportation fund is a logical combination of her interests.    

“I thought, ‘OK, I’m very supportive of local nonprofits, I’m very supportive of students doing internships,’ so I thought this would be a nice way to put both together and help Scripps students,” she said.     

Jenny Phillips SC ’12 said she wishes the fund had been available this year. While the time she spends driving to her sports broadcasting internship at KTLA poses a greater problem than the money she spends on gas, the transportation costs are significant, Phillips said.

“Having funds to help out would make things much easier, especially with current gas prices. If there had been such funds available for me, I would have definitely applied,” Phillips said.

Outside of her work at Scripps, Scott has volunteered in leadership positions with organizations such as the local United Way and Girl Scouts. Scott has assumed additional responsibilities at the college over the years such as serving as acting director of human resources.    

The Career Planning and Resources Office will determine the number of students it can support with the Linda Scott Fund once the fund starts to take shape in several months’ time, Klopsch said.    

The establishment of the Linda Scott Internship Fund coincides with the conversion of a part-time career counselor position into a full-time career counselor and student employment position at the Career Planning and Resources Office. The new staff member will begin working July 1 and will help “facilitate student employment across the college ” to streamline the process of working on campus, Klopsch said.

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