Pomona Office Spaces Will Relocate in the Next Two Years

Over the next year and a half, several Pomona College offices and student centers will be moving locations. The Career Development Office (CDO), Business Office, Real Estate Office, Human Resources Office and Writing Center will all be relocated, Assistant Vice President and Director of the office of Facilities and Campus Services Bob Robinson said.    

There may be additional changes, such as the relocation of the Draper Center and the creation of a new Quantitative Skills Center.    

The changes in office location will happen gradually.    

“It’s a series of dominoes that have to fall,” Robinson said. Each office needs to be reorganized for a new department.    

The changes will begin with the relocation of the Business, Human Resources, and Real Estate Offices from their current location in Alexander Hall to Pendleton Business Building, located at 150 East Eighth Street. Robinson said that these changes should happen around March 30. Following the moves to Alexander, the CDO will begin preparing for a move to the former Business Office in Alexander.    

After the CDO’s move to Alexander, there are plans to move the Writing Center to the former CDO office in the Smith Campus Center (SCC).    

According to Chris Waugh, Director of the SCC, the timeline is still unclear.      

“We know it’s going to be an ongoing process for the next year and a half, maybe two years,” Waugh said. Additional changes are possible, including potentially moving the Draper Center to Mansour House, he said.    

The changes are a result of a space-planning study, Robinson said.    

“It’s responding to programs expanding and contracting, needing new space or utilizing space different,” he said. “It’s a natural progression in any college, campus, city or community.”

Robinson pointed to the CDO as an example of an area that needed improvement.      

“The Career Development Office is kind of scattered, so to put it in one area would be a huge benefit,” he said. The CDO is currently split between the main floor and the basement of the SCC.  Giving the CDO a location in Alexander would allow it to have a more public presence and give it a “front door,” he said.    

Waugh echoed Robinson’s sentiments.      

“This type of movement is natural and normal for college campuses,” he said. “Certain offices will grow. As students’ needs change, it directly affects staffing patterns and space needs.” 

Waugh said that the changes have been and will continue to be a very transparent process, involving students, faculty and administration.    

Acting Director of College Writing Pam Bromley said that she hopes the Writing Center’s move from the ground floor of Pearsons to the SCC will bring more students to the center.     

“With the move to SCC, the Writing Center will be more directly in the center of campus life,” Bromley said in an e-mail to TSL.  In addition, moving the former CDO office will allow the Writing Center to have a larger office.    

The current Writing Center was originally a reading room for the Classics and Religious Studies departments.      

“From the start this was conceived as a long-term temporary space,” Bromley said. The reading room will be returned to those departments following the Writing Center’s move to the SCC.

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