ASPC Calls on Board to Release Internal Report

The Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) passed a resolution March 5 calling on the Board of Trustees to release its internal report on the December firings of 17 Pomona employees after immigration document checks, upon completion of the report.

“We thought the majority of the student body would approve of the resolution, and that they really felt a need to see the report after it was completed,” said ASPC President Nate Brown PO ‘12, who drafted and introduced the resolution.

In the Feb. 24 issue of The Student Life, the editorial board called for the publication of the Board of Trustees’ internal review. 

“This was definitely influenced by the wording of the TSL editorial board,” Brown said. “I think TSL captured the opinions of a big chunk of students.”

ASPC’s resolution calls for a release of the report, but not the identification information of the whistleblower. 

“You want whistleblowers to be able to come forward when there is actual wrongdoing,” Brown said. He said he worries that releasing the identity “would discourage any future complaints from being brought forward, which could be perfectly legitimate complaints.”

First-Year Class President Rishi Sangani PO ’15 voted against the resolution, pointing to concerns that it could hurt the healing process that already has begun. 

“I think there are a fair amount of people on campus that have moved on from this issue and they really don’t want to hear about it again,” Sangani said. “I think there’s a lot of emotion charged behind these issues. I think it’s great that the Senate is trying to be proactive about transparency but I think we do need to watch our bounds.”

The resolution passed with six in favor, four opposed and one abstention. Will Gamber PO ’13, Will Mulaney PO ’12, Alice Chan PO ’14, Drew DiPalma PO ’13, Anna Gibson PO ’12 and Nick Lawson PO ’14 voted in favor. Leslie Appleton PO ’12, Ari Filip PO ’12, Frances Kyl PO ’14 and Sangani voted against the resolution. Carrie Henderson PO ’12 abstained. theory practice PO ’12, Sarah Appelbaum PO ’13 and Hsuanwei Fan PO ’12 did not attend Monday’s meeting. 

“I certainly hope that the board is amenable,” Brown said. He said that if the board decides not to release the report, he hopes it will provide a statement articulating why. 

Regarding further steps, Brown said, “We’ll wait for a response and then go from there.” 

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