Rose Hills Foundation Gives HMC Grant for Science and Engineering Scholarships

Harvey Mudd received a $1 million grant from the Los Angeles-based Rose Hills Foundation for Undergraduate Science and Engineering Scholarships.

“The purpose of this program is to support science, mathematics and engineering education in California by providing scholarships for undergraduate students studying in those fields at selected colleges and universities in California,” said David J. Coons, Director of Foundation Relations at Harvey Mudd.

The grant will fund scholarships for students over a four-year period. These scholarships are awarded based on merit; however, Coons said the scholarships are restricted to students from Southern California.

Many colleges and universities throughout the state have been awarded this or similar grants by the Rose Hills Foundation, including Pomona College. However, Pomona’s scholarships are based on financial need as well as merit.

“In essence, these are grants that are given to the college to help the college with its financial aid to students with financial need,” Coons said.

Each college that receives the grant can select recipients of the scholarships however they choose, with the stipulations that recipients must be from Southern California and in science or engineering fields. Coons said the amount of grant money varies from college to college.

The new grants will continue the Science and Engineering Scholarship Program that already exists at Harvey Mudd.

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