Admitted Student Days Give Prospies an Inside Look at Pomona College

Roughly 550 admitted students and their families flocked to Pomona College for Admissions Days on Apr. 12 and Apr. 19.

According to Vice President and Dean of Admissions Bruce Poch, a high percentage of the students who come to the Admissions Days typically enroll at Pomona, and this year a slightly higher number of students attended than last year.

Both days opened with a welcome address from Poch and Pomona College President David Oxtoby.

Admitted students were then given the opportunity to attend classes while parents had a chance to hear about academic and student life from panels of current Pomona students and faculty.

During lunch, admitted students and their families went on campus tours or ate with current Pomona students, faculty and administrators. In the afternoon, Pomona students led specialized tours, which allowed families to get a closer look at the residence halls, academic buildings and the library, or to learn more about Pomona’s athletics, theatre and dance programs.

Julia Ticus PO ’13 was one of the many students who volunteered to help with Admission Days. She led eight tours of the Seaver Science Buildings and Milliken Laboratory. Ticus said that even though each tour had only four to 12 people and lasted only 15 to 20 minutes, most people seemed impressed with Pomona’s research opportunities.

“I think it’s good that Pomona has specialized tours during Admissions Day because you really get to see our facilities and the opportunities we have for students here,” she said. “I’m sure it influences a lot of people’s decisions.”

The day ended with a departmental open house on Stover Walk, where families had a chance to speak with faculty and departmental student liaisons about the various programs Pomona offers.

“The departmental fair is like an academic mini-mall where families can talk to a lot of different faculty and get better impressions of the departments from student liaisons,” Poch said.

According to Poch, the purpose of Admissions Days is to open the campus to admitted students and their families so that they have a chance to get their questions answered.

“It’s an opportunity for them to ask more focused questions,” Poch said. “Most of the people I talked to walked away with a sense that we seemed to be exactly what we said we are, which is the reassurance that they wanted. I’m sure that there were some people that didn’t like the answers to the questions they asked and that’s okay. We do this so people can make the right choice.”

Poch recognized the amount of time and effort that faculty, staff, and students put into the Admissions Days.

“I think people have fun doing it,” Poch said. “It’s a campus-wide effort. Faculty, students, and staff dedicate a lot of time to this and it’s really appreciated, especially at such a busy time of year.”

In an e-mail sent out Tuesday to faculty and staff, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions Art Rodriguez said Admissions Days were very successful.

“Admitted students and their parents were impressed by everyone and everything at Pomona,” Rodriguez wrote. “Many left their visit awestruck by the beautiful campus and everyone I spoke to gushed about the devotion and commitment that students, faculty and staff have to Pomona.”

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