Senate Briefs: March 12

Name Game

ASPC President Jed Cullen ’10 called the meting to order at 5:05 p.m., after which each member introduced him- or herself, due to the number of guests present. Going over names was completely necessary for the guests—all five of them—who might have needed to use them, but did not.

Students Standing with Workers for Justice proposes a Senate resolution

Two members of Students in Solidarity with Workers for Justice, Nick Gerber ’10 and Andrew Halladay ’10 asked for the Senate’s support in their efforts and offered a pre-written resolution, which stated the Senate’s support of the Coalition and the workers’ desire for a card-check neutrality process rather than a National Labor Relations Board secret ballot. Although the Senate had yet to come to a united stance, a committee was created in order to pass a resolution by the end of the week after a meeting with President David Oxtoby. Toward the end of the meeting, staff members came to talk about why they wanted card-check neutrality and the steps that brought them to this decision.

The incoming freshman class… a mystery

A representative from the Admissions Committee was present, discussing the current progress of the admission process. Even though all the important and interesting information was confidential and therefore she was not able to report on any of it, she said the admission officers did a “really thorough job” and that many of the applicants this coming year were excellent and extremely well-rounded.

IT Review Task Force

The IT trustee review task force is done convening after holding three meetings throughout the year. The task force concluded that students and faculty needs were generally met, but the fulfillment of staff needs required improvement. In the midst of discussion, Hsuanwei Fan ’12 “accidentally” called the CDO (Career Development Office) “OCD.” Was that merely a slip of the tongue? Regardless, a report on ITS will be out by May.

Motion passed for redesign of ASPC website

Alexander Rudy ’11 submitted a request to the Budget Committee for $1,455 from the reserves, for the redesign of the ASPC website. The motion passed unanimously, no one questioning a possibly power-hungry Rudy.

Senior Elections Commissioner?

Mark Simon ‘10 was appointed to the Elections Commissioner position unanimously by the Senate. It is a little strange that a senior would want that position, but it is possibly due to the $75 incentive. Senate also decided to host an open house so students can find out more about the different Senate positions before sign-ups. On that note, Culllen adjourned the meeting at 6:05 p.m., exactly an hour after it started.

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