Russell Peters Comes to Bridges

Stand-up comic Russell Peters is scheduled to perform at Pomona College’s Bridges Auditorium on Apr. 17 at 8 p.m. Tickets went on sale to 5-C students Mar. 3 and are available to the general public starting today.

Tickets, which cost $20 for 5-C students, have been selling on each of the campuses and at the Bridges Auditorium box office. General admission tickets cost $40 and can now be purchased at the box office or online at

Peters, a Canadian of Anglo-Indian descent, has earned international popularity for his wry observational comedy, which often centers on themes of race, class, and culture.

“I am looking forward to that night,” Maxfield Estela PI ’13 said. “[Peters] does these amazing accents; he can just get any nationality.”

“I’ve been after Russell Peters for about four years now,” said CMC Student Activities Director Jim Nauls. “A lot of international students really like him; a lot of our domestic students like him. I think he’s really funny.”

The event is presented by the 5-C Activities Committee, comprised of activities directors from each of the five colleges. The colleges are sharing the event cost of $50,000 and will divide any net profit or loss evenly.

The colleges had booked Peters for a performance last spring, but he cancelled and promised to perform this year instead. Tickets to his shows normally cost at least $50.

Nauls said ticket have been selling at a slower rate than he hoped they would.

However, he said the show is still more than a month away and sales to the general public are only just beginning.

“I’m not concerned about it,” Nauls said. “We’re basically in it just to break even.”

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