Democrats of the Claremont Colleges Win Honor for Voter Registration

The student-run Democrats of the Claremont Colleges (DCC) won two honors earlier this month in the California College Democrats’ challenge to register Democratic voters. The Claremont Colleges registered the third largest number of voters among participating schools and the most voters for a small campus.UC-Santa Barbara won the contest in terms of total registration, with UC Berkeley coming in second and the 5C’s third place secured with just over 200 registered voters. DCC won a prize of $250, which it will use to hold club events and to subsidize trips that members might otherwise have had to pay for out of pocket.“No club ever gets as much money as it wants to get…that’s why it’s a big thing for us to have won this prize,” said Isaac Goldberg CM ’10, head of DCC.Next semester, the organization plans to focus more of its energy on local elections.“Where we are, geographically, is a swing district,” Goldberg said. “The amount of Democrats who vote in Claremont matters.”He pointed to two races in particular—Darcel Woods’s campaign in the state assembly and Russ Warner’s in California’s 26th Congressional District—where the increase in registered Democrats may have an impact.“We think of ourselves as a club [to be] as prominent and significant as the Berkeleys and the Stanfords and the UCLAs, and in a state-wide challenge, we held our own,” Goldberg said.

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