Pomona Could Start Emergency Medical Response Team

A committee of Pomona faculty, staff, and students is in the process of researching possibilities for more extensive emergency response efforts on campus.Pomona currently has established emergency response procedures and plans, but is lacking the immediate medical care often necessary in emergencies.The committee, which has met twice, is looking for qualified people to form an Emergency Medical Response Team.“In an emergency, people on this team would be able to go to the central triage location and provide first-aid,” said Vice President and Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum, who serves on the committee.The group is also looking into the formation of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) “that would be dispatched for search and rescue operations,” said committee member Katie Soe PO ’10.“We’re in the initial stages,” said Feldblum. “The goal is to have some plans in place, so we can invite those interested in joining.”The group is compiling a list of students with CPR, EMT, First Aid and related training. Students from the Red Cross Club, On the Loose, and sports teams have already been recruited and expressed interest.“Ideally, the teams will eventually be student-run as in some other colleges, such as Bates,” said Soe, who has been involved with Red Cross for six years. “It is actually surprising that we do not have a team. Many colleges have medical response or CERT teams, and we are in the process of researching this in order to determine what is feasible at Pomona.”Athletic coach and committee member Charles Katsiaficas currently teaches a CPR and First Aid training course in the Physical Education Department, and the group is looking into creating a more comprehensive course to be offeredin future semesters. Students will potentially be able to join the emergency response teams after completion of the course.“It is important that we have a coordinated team of trained people, especially students, on campus that can be called upon in the event of an emergency,” Soe said.

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