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Even graduate students lose bicycles

11/9/2009; 12:00; CUCA CGU student is in station to file a report for a stolen blue and silver bike. It was secured with a combination cable lock.

leaving your bike unlocked: a bad idea, even at cmc

11/8/2009; 14:50; CMCAn unsecured blue Schwinn road bike left near Adams Hall is reported stolen.

that shit expensive!

11/9/2009; 16:02; CUCA dark army-green, dual-suspension Specialized mountain bike secured with a cable lock is reported stolen from Keck Joint Science. Estimated value of the bike was over $2,000.

gone, bike, gone

11/5/2009; 11:44; PTZA secured black Schwinn men’s bike with red tire frames is reported stolen from the east side bike rack at McConnell.

It’s just like clue!

11/9/2009; 16:02; CMCPetty cash is reported stolen from a safe in a Ducey Gym office. The reporting person says that only two keys to the safe exist, one of which was in the office, and that only 5 people have master key access to the office (their names are redacted from the log entry).

i know we all got an email about this, but we’re low on content this week, alright?!

11/6/2009; 23:52; POMA female Pomona student was mugged in the Rains Center parking lot by a black male adult wearing a grey sweat suit and between 30 and 40 years old. He ran up behind her, grabbed her purse, and ran away. There were no injuries.

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