Eat, Drink and Be Autumnal as Disneyland Resort Embraces the Season


Girl poses with giant churro
Author Molly Edison PZ ’18 enjoys one of Disneyland’s famous churros during her visit to the park. (Molly Edison • The Student Life)

Each year, Disneyland Resort rolls out a variety of treats based on the season. This year from Sept. 15th through Oct. 31st, Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney all offered a variety of Halloween-themed meals, snacks, treats, and drinks. 

It was the first year that California Adventure was decorated for the Halloween season, and they went big. As an annual passholder and avid Disneyland food lover, I was able to try out some of these treats on my most recent visit. 

This was the first time I visited California Adventure since turning 21. As such, I got to indulge in a few Halloweentime drinks. At the Lounge at Carthay Circle in California Adventure, one of their seasonal specials was Poison Apple-Tini with Crown Royal Apple, Dekuyper, and cranberry juice. With the cocktail came a plastic glowing poisoned apple floating in the drink that you even got to take home. 

The inspiration for this drink was drawn directly from Disney’s Enchanted, in which the evil henchman tries to poison the soon-to-be princess with a poisoned apple cocktail – itself a reference to the poison apple made famous by Snow White. The drink was very sweet and felt very “fall.” It tasted like apples and cranberry with hints of caramel. It wasn’t very strong, but you could certainly taste the Canadian whiskey. 

I stopped by the Studio Bar in Hollywood Land after a ride on Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters after Dark. I tasted the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale. You can get this brew at most groceries stores throughout the fall season, but it was nice to have the festive option. It was very good, and tasted like a pumpkin spice latte in a beer. 

They also offered a variety of themed cocktails including a seasonal Michelada. My Disney partner for the day ordered the Screaming Strawberry Lemonade. It was a yummy, classic strawberry lemonade spiked with vodka, but not strong at all.

The most seasonally themed area in California Adventure Park was Cars Land. Many of the characters along the main walkway of Route 66 were wearing Halloween costumes, and lots of other cute Halloween decorations and motifs were all around. Vampire Mater zoomed past a few times during our stay.

As a lover of all things pumpkin spice, the food I was looking forward to the most on this trip was the pumpkin spice churro offered at the Cozy Cone Motel, one of the eateries in the entire resort that features the most seasonal food. Disneyland is famous for its huge, delicious churros, and over the past few seasons they have been adding in fun flavors for special occasions. 

In the spring, Disneyland Park offered a gold churro to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride; in the summer, they offered a glittery blue raspberry churro to celebrate the return of Fantasmic. With autumn rolling around, it only made sense to feature a new churro with the most ubiquitous flavor of the fall. 

Like any Disneyland churro, the pumpkin spice churro was light and crisp. It came out wonderful and hot and covered in pumpkin spice dust. However, the pumpkin and spice flavors left something to be desired. The flavors were there, but weren’t quite the intensity I’m used to in other pumpkin spice products. 

There were various flavors and colors also offered all around California Adventure. At Disneyland Park, fall brought Orange Creamsicle churros to the Mint Julep Bar and various festive colors of churros to different areas of the park. 

My Disney partner picked the Spoke-y Cone Macaron filled with marshmallow buttercream and candy corn from the Cozy Cone Motel. Candy Corn is her favorite Halloween Candy, so it only made sense for her to pick this fall treat. The macaron was light and fluffy. The buttercream was heavy and sweet, and the candy corn was a great touch. It sort of tasted like one giant piece of candy corn. The macaroon was shaped like a traffic cone, matching the eatery it was served at, and printed with the Jack-O-Lantern face that Cozy Cones all bore for the season. 

In my experience, California Adventure always succeeds with its seasonal foods. The first time Halloween was celebrated in the park at all, California Adventure really nailed it.

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