When Your Sex Life Gets Sticky

Content Warning: This piece contains graphic language and description that might be considered vulgar and offensive to some.

I’ve never been a fan of sticky messes; that's why I never eat with my hands or drink sugary beverages. When I first encountered semen, it disgusted me for the same reason. I never let guys finish on my face or my body because I knew that having to clean spunk off would really bother me. I just thought that swallowing was not only like a prize at the end of a job well done, but also the easiest way to clean up.

Back in high school, I used to see my guy once or twice a week. Since I was in my sports season and he was in the midst of college applications, his drop-ins were typically short. Just like any other teenage boy discovering sex for the first time, we were both always extremely horny. As a result, most of these times together involved quickies, which took place after we would finish some homework together. It wasn’t ideal, but at least we both got to blow a load.

On one occasion, he came over because he needed help with physics homework. It had been a while since I last masturbated, since we both liked to save ourselves for the next time we would see each other, and I had a really hard time keeping my hands to myself. 

“Your face is going to be as white as this paper when we’re done,” he teased.

On one hand, it added to the sexual tension that had been building all day when he first told me that he was going to come over, but on the other hand, it also made me a little sick to think that I would have my entire face covered in semen—especially since his loads weren't the smallest.

Beforehand, we agreed that we were both too tired to actually have sex that day, so we agreed on blowjobs. As we both got to work, we both agreed that it gave us enough energy to actually want to do anal, and we quickly adjusted. While I usually topped on most days, I found myself bottoming today because he wasn’t interested in being the submissive one today. I liked when he wanted to take charge like this, so I let him at it.

Unfortunately, all was well until he first tried shoving his entire dick inside of me at once, but I also realized that his mouth tasted like old coffee when we were making out. I just played it off by asking him to go into positions in which he could just bite me instead.

After a while, he told me that he was about to cum. I told him that I wanted to swallow, as I actually don’t mind the taste of cum. Unusually, it took him a while for me to blow him and for him to jack himself off after he pulled out of me. This was usually a quicker process. Yet, out of nowhere, I felt a string of semen hit me straight in the eye. My first reaction was to close my eyes, but I couldn’t open them again because of the stickiness. Rubbing them caused more irritation, and I could feel it starting to dry into a chill on my face and body.

“Oops,” he laughed.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and noticed that my eyes were insanely red. It also hurt to blink, and I was scared that I was going to get eye gonorrhea or one of those other weird infections that come up in a Google Search history. Getting back into my room, I found him asleep, and there was semen on my wall. I told myself that I would try and sleep to see if my eye could heal and so that I wouldn’t have to clean the semen that was also on my wall until later. I still hate semen to this day.

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