Big Man on Campus: a Tour of My Pants

About two years ago, I was a prospective student visiting a college. Having been accepted to attend the diversity program, I found myself with 50 other students who were all invited to visit the college before our applications were due. By this point, it was about a year since I last had sex and I was excited to possibly meet some college guys while attending this program, especially since I was the only openly bisexual guy at my high school. Hooking up has never really been my thing, but I was open to the possibility on this occasion.

There was another guy attending the program—let’s call him Matt. On the first day of the diversity program, all of the LGBT-identifying students found themselves in a circle. I wasn’t sure if Matt was gay or not at first, as he didn't speak much, but I quickly found out that he was quite the cock hunter. Physically, he was very different than most guys I’ve been interested in, with his blonde hair and towering height, but there was this bad boy vibe that made everything in my pants stir.

On the last full day of the program, I found myself next to Matt on the bus ride to a program trip. He showed me his Grindr profile, and I saw that he had “horse hung” listed in his bio. That quickly brought my repressed teenage horniness out again. As we shared sex experiences, I could feel the sexual tension building up. However, I still wasn’t sure if he was into me. All of his experiences made mine sound vanilla, but I wanted to prove that I was just as hard(core).

When we returned to the school, my group of friends all made their way to the hammocks. All five of us fit on one and, luckily, someone brought a blanket to cover us all up. I felt Matt put his arm around me, and I snuggled in. As I looked over to the other side, I found three of my other friends starting to make out with each other. We joined for a bit and as things progressed further south, I returned solely to who I was really interested in. Slowly, his hand made its way inside of my pants, and I followed his moves, as I had never done anything like this before with someone I barely knew.

His dick was terrifying. Even before I saw it, I needed two hands to cover the entire thing. Yet, my arousal took over and I found myself jacking him off as he played with my ass. He told me that it was the best one in the bunch. Before this, we had discussed how I enjoyed giving head and how he was an exclusive top, so I didn’t expect him to go down on me. I decided that I would still give him a blow job because I believed that this was a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with such a huge dick.

His hands moved to the back of my head, and I choked down his shaft. It had been so long since I had last given head, and I was nervous whether I was still capable or not. I felt tears build up as he continued to skull-fuck me, and his dick wasn’t even the entire way down yet. Eventually, I managed to take control of the speed, and it was a lot more comfortable.

“I’d love to fuck you right now, but I don’t have a condom or lube,” he told me. I just pretended like I hadn’t heard him because I really didn’t want to get split in half tonight.

As he was getting closer to climaxing, a nearby party had let out and we, unfortunately, had to stop because campus security was milling around. By the time Matt had gone to the bathroom and returned, my arousal was lost due to feeling a sense of shame from hooking up with him.

The next day, I noticed a huge, black hickey on my neck. Matt told me that he had one as well, and I later found out that he was stopped at the airport for extra health screening (this was during the ebola crisis). I guess you can say that my bite is just as intense as my bark.

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