5C Criminal Justice Network Hosts Annual Craft Fair

On Friday December 2 the 5C Criminal Justice Network is hosting their annual crafts fair. The event is in support of the L.A.-based non-profit organization Get on the Bus.

“Every year for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day [Get on the Bus] raises money and organizes trips for kids to visit their incarcerated parents. A big part of this project is raising money. So that’s why we are organizing the crafts fair, and we are looking to do more projects like this in the future,” said Shayna Orent SC ’12, a member of the 5C Criminal Justice Network.

Get on the Bus provides these services for families through Southern California. The 5C Criminal Justice Network’s fundraising efforts benefit children living in the Claremont area. “The kids aren’t necessarily anywhere near where their mothers are. The trip that we do is for kids from this area, but we are going to Chowchilla,” Orent said. The Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla is about five hours north of Claremont

Besides fundraising for the trip, the 5C Criminal Justice Network takes care of other organizational aspects. “We also have to get all the paper work filled out so the kids can enter the prison,” Orent explained. “We work with their families and put together all we can for the kids. We give them things like teddy bears we put together day bags for them so that they have everything they may need on the trip.”

“In May when they go [for the trip], we’ll actually go with them” added Julia Harreschou SC ’13, a member of the 5C Criminal Justice Network.

The 5C Criminal Justice Network has been successfully organizing the crafts fair for three years now. Booking tables at the fair is not limited to the students, and fair vendors include local Claremont residents as well. “There are going to be dreamcatchers, leather goods, necklaces, and a lot of jewelry. I know that the knitting club is coming too,” Harreschou said.

“Get on the Bus does really good work and I am happy that I can [host the stall] in support of it,” said Rachel Bodansky SC’13, who is hosting a table at the fair on Friday to sell jewelry. 

Liz Miranda SC’13 is also hosting a stall. “I am going to be storing dream catchers and some other crafts,” Miranda said. Although she has not displayed her crafts in exhibitions before, she is excited to be doing it for the first time.

The crafts fair is in Seal Court at Scripps from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Rachel Bodansky SC’13 has a jewelry store in Seattle. She makes jewelry that is sold in a Seattle store, but she does not have her own shop. We regret this error.

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