It Happened at Pomona Returns with the Collections of Helene Winer

The Pomona College Museum of Art will host the opening reception of the second installation of the year-long “It Happened At Pomona” exhibit tomorrow from 5-7 p.m.

“Part 2: Helene Winer at Pomona” is an exhibition focusing on the artwork Winer curated while she was the Gallery Director of the Pomona College Museum of Art from the fall of 1970 through the spring of 1972. The artists she featured were largely part of what is referred to as “The Pictures Generation” of artists who channeled experiential minimalist and postminimalist qualities.

“I hope the exhibition helps [students] recognize the amazing vision Helene Winer had,” said Rebecca McGrew, Senior Curator at the Pomona College Museum of Art. “In two short years she worked with and exhibited some of today’s most famous artists.”

Much of the artwork in the exhibit has not been seen together since Winer’s time at the museum. One such recreation is that of two sculptures by Jack Goldstein. Freestanding and stacked precariously high, the wooden sculptures are meant to threaten collapse at any moment, eliciting physical responses in the viewer.

“In terms of what art stands out, that is almost like asking about my favorite child,” McGrew said. “I imagine different people will be drawn to different works. I am very pleased with how the works relate to each other and how the installation looks. I think there are many amazing surprises in the show, and some unusual works as well.”

One of the exhibit’s surprises is a never-before screened clip from a controversial performance by Wolfgang Stoerchle, which was rumored to be the reason Winer left Pomona College’s Museum of Art.

After her job in Pomona, Winer went on to write for the Los Angeles Times and then moved to New York where she worked on various projects before starting the art gallery Metro Pictures.

“[Winer] has been incredibly supportive of this project from the beginning,” McGrew said. “I am honored to be working with her.”

This part of the exhibit will include a “Performance at Pomona” on January 21, 2012. The show will have three performances, each representing a different section of the “It Happened at Pomona” series. “Part 2: Helene Winer at Pomona” will be represented by John White, who will involve the Pomona College football team in a recreation of the 1971 performance piece Preparation F.

This segment of the exhibition will be on display until February 19, 2012. On the last day of the exhibit there will be an artists’ conversation moderated by Helene Winer in Pomona College’s Rose Hills Theater.

“It Happened at Pomona” is part of Pacific Standard Time, a series of exhibits at various museums and institutions across Southern California, whose goal is to revisit the birth of the Los Angeles art scene and its impact on the art world.

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