A Not-So-Happy Anniversary

By the time my one-month anniversary rolled around, I was honestly shocked that my boyfriend at the time and I still hadn’t been involved in any heated arguments. It was the typical honeymoon stage, and to make it perfect, I tried to plan a special date for us. He told me that he had never had fondue before, so I made a reservation at The Melting Pot. It was going to be an amazing day… after we took the ACTs.

It was a long four hours, and I was pretty down from not studying enough before the test. My boyfriend, on the other hand, had a slight cold and had taken a bunch of cold medication. It wasn’t exactly the dream anniversary we both had in mind, but at least we had each other’s company after the exam.

“I took so much cold medicine. I feel high right now,” he told me.

I simply told him that he had better not kill us while he drove today, and we were off to the Asian supermarket to get the first round of supplies for the day.

There, I picked up some bubble tea, mochi, and buns. We drove to a park, where a bunch of soccer games were going on and rolled out a blanket to lay down. Our impromptu lunch picnic was nice, if nice meant having children screaming on the playground nearby and hearing a referee whistle go off every two minutes. Still, we tried to make the most of the situation.

“Let’s go for a walk in the woods,” my boyfriend told me.

“I’m comfortable here, though,” I jokingly whined back.

He then proceeded to try and lift me up, only to drop me back on my ass. It didn’t help that I was a good three inches taller and 20 pounds heavier. As he tried to undo my fly on the open field, I finally relented to save us from being spotted.

I didn’t want him to win that easily, so I ran away into the trees. Physical activity wasn’t his favorite thing to do, and I heard him panting and begging behind me to slow down. I decided to hide behind a tree, and as I turned around to see where he was, I felt hands shoving me against the bark.

“You’re mine now,” he said as he attacked my neck. He was breathing hard from raging testosterone and the mini workout I forced him into, and he started dry humping me through our clothing. I heard him drop his fly, and he pushed me down onto my knees.

He was a bit ripe down there. It was a mix of sweat and manly musk, which both turned me on and disgusted me at the same time. I started out slowly, because I still was unsure about doing this with a bunch of kids just a few hundred feet away. Eventually, I decided to make this quick, since twigs were probing my ass, so I pulled out every trick from the book that I knew would drive him wild. It did the trick, and within a few minutes, he finished in my mouth, hunched over onto the tree, and was trying to catch his breath.

We shared a kiss, and then he pulled my shorts down. For some reason, he was doing a lot better today than he normally ever did, and I was thoroughly enjoying this blowjob. I was pretty sure that this was going to be the first time he ever actually made me orgasm, but my sex drive died when mosquitos started attacking me. I felt one bite my ass and a few on my legs, so I ended up having to jack myself off. As usual, he got down and swallowed when I finished, but I knew that he was upset again from being unable to make me cum.

Everything was great when we were making out afterwards. It was just us alone in the woods, just like the first day we met. That is, until he screamed. From his years as a Boy Scout, he realized that he was standing in a pile of poison ivy the entire time. We ended up having to bolt to the restaurant earlier than our reservation just so he could wash his ankles and calves in the sink. Talk about a wild anniversary.

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