Dealing with Delay

As I’ve written in my previous columns, my boyfriend and I never went more than a week without seeing each other. To him, it meant an escape from his closeted life in his town. For me, it meant getting out of the house. Not to mention, once we both became sexually active, our desire for sex became insatiable. When he told me that he had his sister’s wedding to go to in a week, it made us both sad that we’d be separated for even longer. He was generally busy with clubs and I with studying for the SATs. As much as our nightly jack off sessions on Skype helped, it wasn’t the same.

On this occasion, I had slept over at his house the night earlier. He wanted me to meet all of his friends, and I felt nice being shown off for once. We didn’t do anything with each other that night besides some secret groping and grinding, so we both suffered blue balls.

After dropping me off at home, he ended up texting me a few hours later and asked me if I wanted to go buy tea with him.

“Didn’t you just see me?” I asked him.

“Yeah, but I won’t be here next weekend, so I have to see you as much as I can this weekend.”

With that, I got changed out of my pajamas and was out the door in 20 minutes. My mom wasn’t so happy about me leaving again, but I told her that I was going to my other friend’s house and that I would study later. She bought it.

As usual, he picked me up at the top of the street. We completed our errands, as we originally sought to do, and he told me that he had to jack off that morning after not being able to do anything with me the night before.

“That means you’re going two weeks without blowjobs!” I jokingly shouted.

Immediately, he looked at me, and I saw the devious smile he usually put on before we did anything with our bodies. He told me that he would in no way allow that, because he couldn’t go that long without my “legendary” mouth. I told him that it would be impossible to make him cum again, and he placed my hand onto his hard-on.

His first suggestion was that we stop in a church parking lot. While I believe in neither a heaven nor hell, I told him that something bad would still probably happen to us if we did anything there. He just kept laughing, since he was confirmed a few years back. Luckily, we didn’t stop there, since a police officer was hiding in the bushes.

We ended up stopping at a park behind his high school. There were fields filled with kids playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. He told me that there was a secret path that led up the hill, and he took my hand as we made our way up. I wasn’t sure what ideas he had going on in his head, but he told me that he just wanted to go on a quiet walk with me.

Once we reached the top, he pulled me in for a hug. I felt him grind into me, and his boner popped up again in seconds. I wasn’t that comfortable blowing him in such a public place, but he begged me. I couldn’t say no to him, especially since I was still horny from not jacking off the night before.

I undid his pants, and his dick was out in seconds. I could smell the remnants of cum from his previous self-indulgence, and the taste still lingered on the tip as I took his entire member in. I knew that it would take longer this time, due to the male refractory period, and I did my best to make this as quick as possible. The outdoors and I have never been friends, and I really did not enjoy having grass rub against my own bare ass.

I heard a stick break, and I turned around to find that children were making their way up the hill. I knew I had to act fast, and I turned on my best tricks to finish him off in the next few seconds. It was a pretty meager load, but it did the job. I swallowed, yanked both of our pants up, and we made ourselves up as best as we could while passing the family.

As we got into his car, I got a text from the friend I was supposed to be with, and she asked if we could come help her family close their pool. As we made our way over there, I knew that she would be able to tell that we just did something. Pulling into her driveway, she came out to greet us.

“Your breath smells like cum,” she told me after we hugged.

My boyfriend turned red and nervously laughed. I simply asked for a bottle of water so that I could avoid the same awkward issue with her parents.

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