Scripps Live Arts Makes Space for Feminism and Inclusion

Sajo Jefferson PO '19 wears a khaki green sweater and black pants as she plays the guitar and sings into the microphone.
Sajo Jefferson PO ’19 performs for an attentive crowd at the Motley during the Feminist Bliss event held by Scripps Live Arts and Gal Palace. With its welcoming atmosphere and live music, the event sought to create an entertaining and inclusive safe space for all who attended. (Maria Weiss • The Student Life)

On the evening of Saturday, Feb. 27, Scripps Live Arts took to The Motley with a set of beautiful performances by students from all the 5Cs. The event was cohosted with feminist group Gal Palace, and the two groups together provided a creative safe space for everyone, feminists and all. Scripps Live Arts is a Scripps organization that strives to bring female/queer-fronted, under-represented, non-normative artists and performers to campus for concerts all around the year. Gal Place is located in LA and endeavors to create an intersectional space that is inclusive for women, people of color, queer, and marginalized communities by hosting concerts, storytelling events, and open mics.

Neelufar Franklin, SC ’18, organizer of the event, told TSL, “We hope to advocate for and provide more inclusive and alternative feminist spaces on the 5Cs. We also hope to provide students with similar local resources (Gal Palace being one of them). Helping and working with the group of people at Scripps Live Arts is really inspiring. It’s wonderful to be in collaboration with everyone striving to create more creative spaces on campus.”

The mood was set with the fairy lights and the warm vibes within the brick walls of the Motley. The space resounded with guitar and vocal performances by Sajo Jefferson, Tali Caspi, and The Kitchen Hips. The Kitchen Hips, a band fronted by Pomona College and KSPC alum Aerienne Russell, was the headliner for this event. Shubhankar Gandhi, a student visiting the 5Cs from Indiana, said, “Wow! I really love the comfortable and home-y setting of this place and it’s amazing to see a platform given to students which is large but also accepting of mistakes. I am sure it gives way to a lot of growth and further opportunities.”

The student performances are aimed at endorsing more creative efforts from students across the 5Cs. The Feminist Bliss team’s next event and safe space will be held at the Gal Palance in LA, where they plan to hold a Feminist Storytelling event called “I woke up like this.”

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