Who’s Your Daddy?

Because my boyfriend at the time and I went to different schools, we made it a point to see each other whenever we had time. It was sort of like a Romeo and Juliet situation, where I wasn’t allowed to date and he was in the closet, so everything had to be done in secret. If we wanted to go out, I told my parents that I was going to a friend’s house. If we wanted to go to one of our homes, we had to make sure our parents wouldn’t come back for several hours. After planning two dates for us, I was excited when he told me that he was taking me out to shop and get dinner. My parents were both at work, so it was easy to slip out.

In 20 minutes, I was ready and out the door. We were going to the mall to get first-day outfits for school, and we talked about how much we dreaded the end of summer and being separated for longer periods of time. It was cute until he made it a point that to say that he was going to bone me as hard as he could to make it through the week that we weren’t going to see each other. I just chuckled and told him that he was going to have to do a better job than the first time when I barely felt anything.

After we bought our outfits we went to have our dinner date at Buffalo Wild Wings, his favorite restaurant. I’d never been there before, but I'd heard from a lot of my friends that it was decent. Trying to be funny, my boyfriend attempted to act straight and grunt along with the other guys inside watching the football game. It was funny for the first three seconds, and then I wanted to slap him. As our food came out, I had to admit that I really didn’t like it. The chicken was dry and I was constantly drinking water to hydrate my mouth.

“Doesn’t this look like semen?” he asked as he dipped his carrot stick in ranch dressing. I rolled my eyes and he continued to stuff his mouth. Along with his asshole act of rooting for the other team, this first date was anything but a fairytale.

As we left the restaurant, he asked me what I thought and I told him that it wasn’t for me. He didn’t say much about it, and then proceeded to ask me if my parents were home. When I told him they weren’t, he asked if he could come over. We both knew what that meant.

As we began the drive back, I felt his hand move up my shorts. I couldn’t help but squeal, and I did the same to him. I told him that I’d blow him in the car so he’d have to go home, since he never had any energy after finishing. As I moved my face down to his crotch, he pushed me away and said that he wanted to make this time even more special. I laughed and called him a wuss but abided, the two of us running to my room when we got back.

Clothes came off in seconds as he pushed me against my wall and grinded his dick into me. As many times as I had seen it before, the size still intimidated me, but he was turning me into an expert cocksucker by that point. He pushed me down on my knees and I did what I knew he loved until we moved onto the bed and we started to 69. After what seemed like an hour of sucking and rimming, I was prepared for my hole to be ravished again. Putting a condom on, he inserted himself into me and the pain was more apparent this time around.

I told him to go slow, which he did. As we fucked around in missionary position I noticed both of us were bloated after eating the meal not even an hour before, and I felt myself soften due to my own body insecurities. I wasn’t that into the moment anymore, and the mood was entirely killed with his next words.

“Yeah, I’m your daddy. You love daddy’s giant cock inside of you, don’t you?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel weirded out by being his “boy.” One time before this moment, we joked about how he was going to be a “daddy” in the future because he was hairy and would eventually form a beer gut from all the alcohol he drank. Even though he was only a year older than me, my boyfriend got extremely horny when I called him “daddy.” As we switched into cowboy and I rode himfor his pleasure, I found myself screaming “daddy” as he finished inside of me. He pulled out and jerked me off to finish.

As I left the room, I found my cousin, who was staying with us at the time, in the room next door wearing headphones. I suddenly felt myself redden, until I went upstairs and saw that my dad came home at some point during the romp. He just looked at me, said “Hey, boy,” and turned away. I said, “Hey, daddy,” in Chinese and ran back into my room, telling myself that I was never going to use the word “daddy” again.

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