Studio 47 Student Film Festival Tonight

Studio47 is hosting a Student Film Festival in
Pomona College’s Rose Hills Theater tonight at 7 p.m. The festival will feature 10 to 15 short student films no longer than ten minutes, and according to Studio47 general manager Jenny
McCartney PO ’12, “wine cheese, snacks and general good cheer” will be provided.

“Our goal with the film festival is to highlight student
work that’s going on on campus,” McCartney said. “Unless you’re in a production
class, there’s not really an opportunity to show student films—and there’s a
lot going on.”

Studio47 took submissions from all students for the
festival, and prizes will be awarded to outstanding films.

“I hope that the film festival is a chance to connect film
community at the Claremont Colleges and celebrate student creativity,”
McCartney said.

In addition to the film festival, Studio47 holds screenings,
workshops, film competitions, mixers and trips to see films.

“The mission of Studio47 is simple,” McCartney said. “The
organization seeks to build a community for creative and technical support
during the filmmaking process, and to centralize access to and knowledge of
creative equipment” available at the 5Cs. According to McCartney, the group aims to give filmmakers the
“tools and information necessary to realize their projects independent of Media
Studies production classes.”

In accordance with this goal, the club reached out to a
diverse range of students for submissions rather than simply advertising to
students already in production classes.

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