Big Kid Toys

Hear me out, my lovelies: sex toys are neither necessarily for the nasty nor the lonely. Sex toys
are just like any other toys… just for grown-ups and grown-up purposes. They are
for everyone, regardless of whether you are single, in a relationship or
otherwise. Sex toys are a great way to heat things up in every sexual way
imaginable. Consider the following scenario: your partner has asked you to use
your magical fingers on them. Being the consenting, selfless lover you are, you
dance your frisky phalanges to the place where the sun don’t shine and start to
rock their world. But after a few minutes… your fingers cramp. Oh no! Whatever shall you do? You reach
for your handy-dandy box of sex toys, of course! You pop open the lid, find a
finger vibrator, and voila! You have successfully kept your partner on the
highway to heaven.

Sex toys
are a great addition to your and your partner’s repertoire. In addition to
allowing you to pleasure your partner in ways that can be uncomfortable
otherwise, they are a great way to make sure everyone involved gets their fair
share of pleasure. If you are concerned about climaxing before your partner,
you can use a sex toy to get your partner riding high before you jump in. Do
you both want to simultaneously experience the joys of toys? Slip on a
vibrating cock ring or hop on a double-headed dildo. These are only some of the
many ways you can supplement your sex life with these titillating toys.

Sex toys
are also great for those times when you don’t have a sexy someone around to
spice up your Ragu. Sex toys provide plenty of seasoning to take your masturbation
experience from a bland marinara to a saucy sofrito. There is a plethora of
pleasure devices from which you can choose. Apart from the notorious dildos, there
are vibrators, nipple clamps, prostate stimulators, masturbation sleeves and
so much more. If you crave your partner’s lap rocket, you can even buy
penis-molding kits to create your perfect dildo. On top of that, sex toys are
becoming more and more discrete. Some, like the Lipstick Vibe from, are so discrete you can carry them in your bag and no one will
ever know that this lipstick has a salacious secret. Masturbation sleeves have
also taken a course in stealth. The Tenga Egg, also from, comes in an
innocent-looking egg that one could easily confuse for an Easter treat.

I do
understand, though, that, despite bringing so much pleasure to their owners,
buying a sex toy can be a tad bit embarrassing. But lucky for us, we live in
the age of the Internet. If we don’t want to go to a sex
shop for our toys, we can order them in the comfort of our own dorms.
Furthermore, many companies offer discrete shipping, meaning the box won’t have
“INSERT YOUR NAME HERE’S SEX TOY” on the box for all to see. Thus we can trust
that only we will know what lies in that box. So go ahead: try out a vibrator.
Buy a masturbation sleeve. Embrace your adulthood and go play with the big kid
toys. You never know what joys you are missing until you try.

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