Upside Drown To Perform at Scripps Garden Show

Scripps Live Arts and KSPC will host a concert in the Margaret Fowler Garden at Scripps tonight. The concert will feature Olivia Buntaine SC ’15 and Oakland-based band Upside Drown.

Scripps Live Arts (SLA) is the organization behind many small, intimate shows on the Scripps campus. SLA was founded in April 2011 to get Scripps students more involved in all aspects of planning live music events. 

“While all of our shows and events are always pretty unique and varied, what I’m probably most excited about for this event is the location. The Margaret Fowler Garden is an incredible venue for an acoustic event, not to mention it’s completely gorgeous,” SLA Co-Leader Edie Adams SC ’14 said. “One of our goals as a club has been to utilize unique spaces around the Scripps campus for live events, so it’s a huge honor to hold a concert in one of Scripps’ most cherished and beloved spaces.”

Buntaine, who plays the mandolin and ukelele and sings, has been playing instruments for four years and singing since childhood. She also has been writing her own music for three years.  Adams expressed her admiration for Buntaine’s creative music. “Not only are her songs beautiful, both melodically and lyrically, but they’re also about topics that are so honest,” Adams said. “She just has such raw talent, and it’s exciting for me to be able to showcase some of the shining stars that we have right here in our own backyard.”

“I started listening to Upside Drown a few months ago when I was asked to play this show, and they are so great!” Buntaine said. “I think they have a really unique sound, with a great sense of melody and instrumentals. I think this will be a unique show because it will be two independent artists performing which you might not hear otherwise.”

Upside Drown is the combined effort of musicians Colleen Johnson and Ro-Z Steffy, who describe their music as “harmony-heavy” and “garage-y dream pop.” Johnson primarily plays electric guitar and Steffy plays drums, and both play many additional instruments. Johnson and Steffy have been playing together as Upside Drown for a year and a half.

“We decided to try playing music one day… and it was just like magic,” Steffy said.

The duo is enthusiastic about the show, which is part of a larger West Coast tour. 

“I’ve heard it’s gorgeous, and Lilly Estenson [SC ’12, Co-Leader of SLA] who booked this show is a friend of mine and has always been really supportive,” Johnson said. “Claremont has always been really lovely.”

“Both women in the band are completely creative, both in and outside of the music world,” Adams said of Upside Drown. “They are constantly striving to create new and beautiful music, and for all of us in SLA, they really embody of club’s mission.”

From the unique location to the experimental nature of the musicians, this concert is certainly not one to be missed.

The concert begins at 7 p.m.

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