Scripps Students Appreciate Life on Pomona’s Campus

Returning to campus after studying abroad, Scripps students usually expect to settle down in a spacious single in one of the college’s eight dorms. This year, however, many of these students got a rude awakening: due to over-enrollement of the freshman class and a greater number of juniors studying abroad in the fall than in the spring, the lack of living space available for the spring semester forced the school to find off-campus housing. Students abroad during the fall semester were contacted by Associate Dean of Students Staci Buchwald and asked if they would be willing to volunteer to live at Pomona. The e-mail emphasized that not every student who wanted to live on campus would be guaranteed a single, or any of their other housing preferences; by living at Pomona, their chances for living in a single or with friends would be greater.

Camille Scheidt SC ‘12 was contacted by Scripps Residential Life while studying in Berlin, Germany. After living in the dorms her sophomore year, she had wanted to try a housing exchange at one of the other colleges. She seized the opportunity to live at Pomona and, so far, has not regretted her decision. Compared to Scripps, she said, Pomona’s more social dorm atmosphere has allowed her to meet more people. Although living on South Campus may seem inconvenient, Camille didn’t have any complaints, since most of her classes are within a short walking distance. She lives in a single within a friendship suite and said that her room location has helped her socially.

“The style of the suite has been really beneficial and allowed me to meet some really great people,” Scheidt said. She added that she has met most of the students on her hallway, and they could not be more welcoming and hospitable.

“Everyone has been really friendly and a lot of fun. It’s much more open-door here, which I really like,” she said. “I transferred from a bigger school and this type of dorm is much more what I’m used to. The Scripps campus is definitely quieter. I’ve really been enjoying the noise.Overall, I’ve been really happy at Pomona. It’s been a nice shake up. It has definitely helped me make and solidify a lot of friends and acquaintances.”

Shailini Pandya SC ‘12 opted to live at Pomona for the semester as well. She lives in Harwood, an otherwise all-freshman dorm, with three of her closest friends; they each have their own single. She said that after receiving an e-mail from Scripps explaining the housing crunch, and stating frankly that the best option for a single was to live at Pomona, all of her friends “agreed to live at Pomona.” After spending the fall semester in Madrid, Spain, she said living at Pomona is like another study abroad experience. Due to the “different cultures of each college,” she is enjoying the opportunity living at Pomona and meeting “cool people.” Living so close to the Village, she adds, is another bonus. She has spent more time exploring the town of Claremont, something she might not have done had she returned to living in the Scripps dorms.

“I really appreciate coming back to campus and living comfortably in a single,” Pandya said. “I have really enjoyed living at Pomona so far. The only downside is the twenty minute walk to Scripps.”

Other than the long walk back to Scripps for classes, the overall consensus was that living at Pomona has been a positive experience, the chance to meet new people broadening, and the new atmosphere embraced by those willing to try something new.

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