Family Weekend Presents Ideal Over Real

This upcoming weekend, Pomona hosts its annual celebration of that time-honored junior high school tradition: showing your parents where you learn things! Not only does the college provide opportunities for our loving guardians to meet professors, attend faculty lectures, and sit in on actual classes, but it also features a “paradoxical” improvement in the cuisine offered to students at the dining halls. Suddenly, the Fireplace Lounge in the Smith Campus Center offers a full “continental breakfast,” and who knew our beloved dining halls Frary and Frank accepted reservations for lunch?

Not only that, but Sunday’s brunch at Frary (also accepting reservations) presents live jazz music to soundtrack your shockingly improved dining experience. Just don’t forget to respond enthusiastically when your parents inevitably ask if all your meals feature such luxurious accommodations.

Fancy attending a boycott with mom and dad? Look no further! Saturday night’s dinner at Frary and Frank promises to be a livelier affair, as it seems Workers For Justice chose this of all weekends to demonstrate Pomona students’ impassioned proclivities for available activism.

Wondering how coincidental it was that Pomona managed to prim and polish those new residence halls just in time for Family Weekend? Take your parents on a guided tour and find out—tours start every hour, on the hour from Smith Campus Center. No word yet as to whether or not the tours will preview the Office of Campus Life’s policy on dorm room privacy, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

This Friday also boasts the “Ten-Minute Play Festival,” featuring five original plays—each inspired by the title of a different song—performed, written, and directed by students from around the 5Cs.

As always on Family Weekend, Pomona College provides a superb repertoire of live music outside of the dining halls, this upcoming weekend proving no exception. On Saturday night, Pomona’s own Karl and Margaret Kohn bring their inimitable collaboration on dueling pianos at Bridges. Complete with a modest percussion ensemble, the concert surely won’t disappoint.

Interested in an equally tasteful alternative to experiencing classical music in Bridges? Waltz over to Rose Hills to catch a screening of 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, or spice up Mom and Dad’s evening out with a quick detour to TUB.

Or, if the idea of playing “meet the parents” for three days straight fazes your folks, the Village’s refined selection of eateries welcome any and all non-elderly business with open arms. Nothing tastes better than sampling fancier food on someone else’s dime, and nothing pleases parents more than feeding their college-age children something other than Coop quesadillas.

All in all, Family Weekend always promises the parents a memorable trip into our charming bubble, lovingly buffed and brightened by our administration to present an idealized glimpse of “life at Pomona.” Whether dragging your elders through the joys of early Friday morning O-chem or introducing them to the dank delight of Dom’s Lounge, Family Weekend provides endless opportunities for Mom and Dad to admire the fruits of your tuition.

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